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About B&T

For over 100 years, the Grand Forks Builders & Traders Exchange has offered its members the invaluable convenience of daily updated, regional project access, as well as many unique professional networking opportunities to encourage new and retain valued business contacts.

Convenient access to up-to-date information:

That’s our primary responsibility to our members.

Need to know what’s up for bid, where the projects are and when? Are you an architect trying to attract more quality builders?

We provide convenient access to project status information - updated daily on our On-Line Plan Room.

Plans and Specifications are available on our website on our On-Line Plan Room, which allows you to view and print project documents 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

We have a large format printer and copier available in the office so we may process any print orders for you at an additional fee.

If interested in this service contact us for further details.

Our business is your business

All of our members are invited to attend our monthly meetings first Tuesday of each month (October through May) to discuss business and contribute fresh ideas in a relaxed noncompetitive environment. Members also enjoy the benefit of presenters who attend our meetings to cover a variety of current and relevant issues impacting the industry today.

We want you to know us 

In an effort to retain a close-knit family of builders and traders, we always look forward to the seasonal events such as the annual fishing trip, golf outing, cook-off, as well as our bike club activities. While these offer an obvious escape from the work place, many valuable business contacts have been made, as well as memories and friendships formed at these relaxed social outings.

Honorary Members

In order to show continued interest and appreciation, the Exchange continues to honor our eldest members, aka “Lifetime Members", by encouraging their participation in our organization so that we might learn and grow from their business and personal experience. Once you are a member, you won’t be forgotten.